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The Tell Tale Heart, by Charles F. Klein

1928 - 25 min

English summary

Ensemble Menilmontant composes music to silent movies, within a contemporary classical, electro-acoustic and improvisation idiom for somewhat unusual forces: bassoon, classic and electric harp, electro-acoustic cello and sampler. The creative process is guided by the images where we let the ambiances of the film determine the style of play. We are based in Lyon, France.

Our current list of films include “Ménilmontant” by Dimitri Kirsanoff (1926), an important work in the history of cinema, which was recently restored by the Cinémathèque Française. This composition was premiered at the Festival Lumière, Lyon, France in 2014, and performed at Cinemateket Copenhagen, Denmark in 2016 in co-production with the Institut Français. We recently composed music to “The Tell Tale Heart” by Charles F. Klein (1928), an expressionist film based on the short story by Edgar Allan Poe. We have been financed by the City of Lyon to produce these two works during the festival TLMD in August 2018.


DIANE DAHER (Electric and classical harp)

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Harpist and composer, Diane Daher's continually inspiring diverse musical universe such as contemporary music, electroacoustic music, music for films or plays and rock music. She is currently studying electroacoustic composition at the National Conservatory of Music in Lyon. In 2014, she published a duet for harp and violon "The Ten Teary Souls of Charon" ("Les Dix Âmes Larmoyantes de Charon"), Harposphère editions. In 2015, she received the first prize at the film music competition "Musiques en Courts" for her composition in the movie "El Canto" directed by Ines Sedan. In 2016, she recorded, together with Claire Mouton and Audrey Podrini, a track for Per Bloch's album "Kokoro". Then, she shared the compositional role with Audrey Podrini for the play "The Wild Boys" based on the novel by William Burroughs, directed by Pierre Kuentz. In April, winner with her electroacoustic piece "The Flooded Lands" for the Acousmatic Composition Competition “Petites Formes 2016”. She is currently studying electroacoustic composition at the National Conservatory of Music in Lyon.


Classically trained, with elements of flamenco and jazz, Claire Mouton currently dedicates herself and her bassoon to contemporary music and free improvisation. She holds diplomas from Villeurbanne Music School, Grenoble Conservatory, Versailles Conservatory and Lyon Conservatory. She is frequently solicited as instrumentalist in symphonic orchestras, as solosist, and in chamber music.

Free, generative and evolutive improvisation has permitted her to develop an instantaneous creation process through sound research and expression specific for the bassoon for her compositions. This has been developed through diverse and transverse projects involving different art forms and collaborative expression: sculptures and paintings at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, poetry at Printemps des Poètes Lyon, contemporary dance at Auditorium de Lyon, words, live drawing, painting and interaction with the audience in the group Welling Ways.


Cellist, composer and film maker, Audrey Podrini holds diplomas from Avignon University Nîmes Conservatory. Her current projects include development of stage and musical experiences with the groups Makali (chanson française), Marc Martorell et les Magnets (franco-spanish compositions), La&Ca (jazz) and Luster Trio (rock pop). Since 2013 she participates in numerous creations for the theatre, contemporary or for young audience, blending text, images and music. Her diploma in cello, classical music and chamber music does not hold her back from a passion in current music. This has led to a diploma, as well as an album with Mercury Records and appearances at Festival Off d'Avignon. Her intimate and eclectic approach to music has allowed her to develop a repertoire in jazz and contemporary music, via tango and her own compositions. Since 2018 she holds a diploma in instrumental and electro-acoustic composition from the Lyon Conservatory.


MAX LANGER (Electronics)

What to say about this multi-faceted personality, this Dr. Max and Mr. Langer? Scientist at day, musician at night, he is as at home behind his sampler, mixing desk, turntables, harpsichord, baroque lute, directing choirs or composing at the computer. He as released techno music on the Carton-Pâte label. Practically self taught in music, he adheres to a strong DIY/Punk ethic, firmly believing there is nothing that can't be done, repaired or learnt.

USA, 1928, 25 min, black & white, format 1.33

Written and directed by: Charles F. Klein after E. A. Poe
Cinematography: Leo Shamroy
Editing: Charles F. Klein
Production: Maurice Barber

Cast: Otto Matieson (The Insane), William Herford (The Old Man), Hans Fuerberg (Detective), Charles Darvas (Detective)

Ménilmontant, by Dimitri Kirsanoff

1926 - 42min

France, 1926, 42 min, bllack & white, format 1.33

Written & directed by: Dimitri Kirsanoff
Cinematography: Léonce Crouan, Dimitri Kirsanoff
Editing: Dimitri Kirsanoff
Production: Dimitri Kirsanoff


Cast: Nadia Sibirskaïa (Younger Sister), Yolande Beaulieu (Older Sister), Guy Belmont (Young Man), Jean Pasquier (The Father), Maurice Ronsard (The Lover)

Restored by the Cinémathèque française

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